Țugui's grotto


The legend says that 250 years ago, the fearless outlaw Țugui with his Turkish girlfriend Rada, in order not to fall prey to the Turks, hid in that cave or in the forest, from where it later got its name, Rada Forest. And the families of the peasants were in every way against the Ottoman yoke, so they hid in that cave. As a reward, the Turks took ornaments, grain, animals, but also the most beautiful girls". After being single, Țugui became a forester guarding the forest that bore the name of his beloved. He was also the guardian of the lands on the left side of the Ciuhur river. In case of theft in neighboring towns, Ţugui would find the thieves, hold them captive for 2-3 days to give them a lesson in "good education". 8-10 people could fit in Țugui's cave. Since then, the borta (grotto or cave) of Ţugui has been preserved as a memory.