The Rock of Evil Spirits


One could write a book about the Rock of Evil Spirits! It is probably the most mysterious rock in the north of the country, and still undiscovered to the end. Moreover, the villagers have blocked access to the depths of the cave, which is said to be endless. Many young people got lost and never returned, and those who did return were speechless and soon died. Legend has it that the warriors (Turks) would have hidden gold and cursed both the cave and those who would discover the treasure. Villagers' stories also say that some spirits in the rock would steal people's souls and the liturgies in the church would be the only weapon for the possessed people. It is also said that at certain times of the year strange things happen around the cliff and many of the inhabitants have strange dreams. What's more, many villagers definitely don't go near the cliff. That's why an enormous iron cross has been erected on top of the reef, which is visible throughout the village and beyond. Today the two-storey cave, up to 4 metres in diameter, has become a tourist attraction, and a research platform, as it has not been studied and preserved according to geological rules. Several decades ago, samples of Palaeolithic man, fragments of animal bones of historical importance, were extracted from the cave. The relics are kept in the village museum.  Moreover, Holm Rock or "Rock of the Evil Spirits" is also the site of an ancient fortress, the ruins of which can still be seen today from high above. Pyramidal in shape and the highest in the whole district, it thus ends the journey through the Druță/Horodiște gorge and leaves Ciuhurul to follow its discreet course towards the village of Văratic.