The Lovers' Rock


"The Lovers' Rock" has a very interesting and tragic history. It is over 50 metres high and stands on the left bank of the Ciuhur River. 

The name "The Lovers' Rock" comes from an old legend about two young people who were in love. He was the handsome son of a landowner, the only child of his parents and the future heir to their entire fortune; she was a beautiful but poor girl from a peasant family. Because they belonged to different social classes, they met secretly in the evenings among the large stones they had known since childhood. After months of meetings, the boy went to talk to his father and ask for his parents' blessing to marry the girl. But his father wouldn't allow him to marry a poor girl: "better to remain unmarried than to disgrace the whole village". The young man, devastated by his father's words, agreed with his girlfriend to continue seeing each other in the same places when the moon was full. They climbed to the highest peak, took off their rings of grass, which they had given each other on the eve, placed them on a rock, kissed and... jumped into the void. Legend has it that they remained inseparable for eternity: she turned into a rock, and he - into the river at its foot.