The "LA CASTEL" Gorge


A wonder of nature located above the Racovăț river valley, near the village of Gordinești is the landscape reserve "La Castel". This heritage of the Moldovan countryside is part of the picturesque chain of the Prut Cliffs (Sarmatian coral reefs). The natural area of this gorge comprises the steep slopes of the Racovăț river valley and is one of the deepest gorges in the Republic of Moldova. In the limestone of the majestic cliffs there are several caves that serve as a shelter for birds and reptiles from the area. 

The "La Castel" gorge amazes us with its grandiose flora and fauna, but also with the local legends associated with this mysterious place. 

Beautiful spring from the rocks 

You flow downhill like you're crying 

Travellers always pass 

Savouring your longing...

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