"The Țiglău Cliff"


The cliff is bathed on two sides by the waters of the Ciuhur and shelters on the northern side a rather deep cave, called "Odaia" (Room) by the locals. Until 1978, the Ciuhur river used to meander past this cliff in its usual bed. Today's layout is the result of the construction of the Costești-Stânca Hydropower Plant. From the highest point of this cliff, in 1946, a huge boulder was detached. Thus, this place was called "La Bolohan" (At the Boulder) by the inhabitants, a favourite place for children, who came to this area to bathe. 

Seen from a distance and from different angles, the Țiglău takes on various strange shapes: a lion with a human skull next to it, a turtle, a dog or a flattened crocodile. Because the Sarmatic Sea was here in the distant past, strange rocks can now be found, a place not yet fully explored by archaeologists. Here we can also find many medicinal plants, such as thyme, mouse tail, chicory, various berries, etc. This is a wonderful place for fishing, breathing the fresh air and admiring the rare beauty of nature.