The Țiglău Cliff / The Echo Grotto


At the foot of the pine forest, the rocky Țiglău Cliff rises up. With its unique acoustics, the Țiglău cliff, (the name is said to mean mountain head) has two of the most spectacular caves. One is in the perfect shape of a circle with a diameter of 4 meters at the entrance, with millennia-old fire marks on the cave's vault. From the bank of the Ciuhur River, a long echo forms towards the cliff, and every shout and roar echoes loudly from the depths of the rock. It's a location loved by children who race the sounds. One of the most spectacular rocks in the Druță-Horodiște gorge, with a tricky level of climbing, the cave maintains a constant temperature in its fairly modest space. Hidden beneath the mysterious pine forest and above the last slabs of the water mill, the cave at Țiglău can become an attraction for mountain hikers. The steep rock around the cave and the sandy ground make entering and leaving the cave a real challenge. In the same rock complex of the cliff, you will find another unique cave, quite hidden otherwise, in the shape of a water drop overlooking the village of Horodiște.