The Costești-Stânca reservoir


The Costești-Stânca reservoir is a lake with an area of 59 square km, located on the Prut river at the border between the Republic of Moldova and Romania . 

The Stânca-Costești hydroelectric power plant was built on the Prut River, near Stânca (Botoșani county, Romania) and Costești in the Republic of Moldova. The work started in 1973, officially launched on 4 November 1978, and fully operational in 1979. 

The site of the works is 576 km from the river mouth, in an area where the width of the major riverbed of about 3 - 4 km is constricted and reduced to about 400 m by limestone reefs which act as a natural dam. 

The Costești Hydro-Energetic plant is a strategic object for our country's economy: it produces electricity and mitigates floods. The hydropower plant is located on the territory of two countries: Moldova and Romania. 

If you couldn't see the Romanian shoreline in the distance, you'd feel like you were on a seashore. For ages, the Prut has been trying to make its way through the high, steep cliffs of Costești-Stânca. Now it's all water as far as the eye can see. The view is a true delight. This blue sea also covers the ancient hearths of Costești, Șarbaca, Dumeni, Cuconeștii Vechi settlements.