"Pine forest"-Bulhac


On the left side of the gorge you can see the pine forest, called by the villagers, but also by the Soviet cadastral maps - Bulhac. On the top of the cliff there is probably the only karst lake in Moldova. It is of perfectly circular shape, and is located at an altitude of over 100 meters above sea level. The lake dried up in the 1980s due to improper work by collective farm workers). Now only reeds remain, and dozens of pine trees were planted around the lake in the 1970s, today majestically enclosing the lake oasis. The plan was to build a sanatorium for respiratory diseases around the lake, where the pine trees and the fresh air flow. The Soviet project was soon abandoned. It is probably the only pine forest of this size, over 20 hectares, which hides in its midst the only karst lake in the country. The elders tell how the lake suddenly appeared high up on the rock, over time developing a colossal flora and fauna. Photographs can't quite capture the beauty of the forest. Only snapshots from high above demonstrate the grandeur of the forest and the lake. The elders of the village of Druță say that a wealthy Turkish widow had a home at the foot of the cliff where the pine forest now stands. Especially since the village of Druță (once Stângăceni) was on the border between the Ottoman and Moldovan military camps.