Muzeum Duruitoarea Veche


During 2016-2017, through a project developed by AO Moștenitorii (Bălți) and supported by the CHOICE/EU program, the Duruitoarea Veche museum complex was created, which includes the museum, the "Grota" archaeological monument and the "Duriitorea Gorge" nature reserve. The basic exhibition of the History Section of the museum includes archeology (Paleolithic pieces of cave bear, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, broad-hooved horse, discovered in the cave and work tools of prehistoric man); Pieces of Cucutenian dishes and household items from the Sântana de Mureș culture; The age of metals is represented by numerous tools, weapons and jewelry; The ethnographic collection includes objects made of wood, ceramics, port; The gallery of icons and paintings on glass includes works made at the painting circle in the village. The materials exhibited in the museum were donated by AȘM and collected for more than 20 years in the villages of Fălești, Rîșcani, Glodeni, Sângerei Drochia, Florești, Șoldănești districts.