In the shade of the secular oak


Near the village of Moara Domnească there are the green historians of our land, secular oaks, which are more than 200-250 years old, some of them reaching 30-35 m in height and 2 m in diameter. 

Nowhere else in Moldova do you find such a group of ancient trees, which eloquently testify to the history of the nature of this land and the fame of our forests in the past. 

These clusters are located on several plots with a total area of 108 ha. The oaks grow on the highest places in the meadow, at an altitude of 53-60 m. 

At the entrance to the village of Moara Domnească stands a giant secular oak tree. It is over 200 years old and 130 cm in diameter. It was probably part of a group, but the place of the other oaks was taken by houses built around this ancient oak so that it can protect them. 

The shade of this ancient oak tree has always known the joy and sorrow of the locals. It represents the heart of the village. It is not for nothing that the attention of the villagers is focused on the oak. The village celebrations and the fairs of the local craftsmen are held here. Household items are sold in the shade of the oak. Even relatives meet and seek each other's counsel in the shade of the old oak tree.

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