Fetești Gorge - "Little Switzerland"


Surrounded and watched over by the old guardians of the Republic of Moldova - the Prut Cliffs, is a small, hidden corner of heaven, "Moldovan Switzerland". 

Located along the Draghiște River, it demonstrates to the whole world its natural wonders with its complex and diverse relief and amazing flora and fauna. Just across the river, near a bridge, there is a cliff that opens up the view to a special landscape that later gave rise to the name "Little Switzerland" or "Moldovan Switzerland". Above, from the majestic cliff, we can see: the Draghiște riverbed as it meanders defiantly, making its way through the forest of the gorge, the steep and picturesque slope at its foot, as well as the recesses, which open up views of the sloping peaks of the rocks, fields and country roads. The path through the gorge forest is very interesting, with wayward terrain that descends and ascends sharply, leading tourists to the edge of the forest, where there is a huge double-stemmed oak tree that stands over 30 metres high. 

"Little Switzerland" has a very rich and equally diverse vegetation, in total there are about 160 species of plants, of which 15 species are represented by trees and shrubs. 

"Moldovan Switzerland" - the wonder of nature in northern Moldova!

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