Ciuhur River


"Ciuhur River" is the river that flows through the village of Văratic, but has its sources near the small town of Ocnita and carries its waters on the territory of the districts of Ocnita, Edinet, Riscani. It flows into the Prut River north of Costești. Its length is 90 km. 

The identity document, dated 17 April 1429, is found at the court of the prince Alexander the Good, in the Ciuhuru version. Scholars Anatol Eremia and Ion Dron consider that the Turanian hydronym ciugur/ciuhur has in Romanian the meaning of pit (with water), ravine, gully, hollow. 

The natural and cultural heritage of the Ciuhur river basin is of great value, but much of it was degraded and damaged during the years of the Soviet communist regime. However, on the Pociumbeni-Horodiște-Văratic-Duruitoarea river segment, picturesque landscapes of rare beauty have been preserved.