Căsoaia (Big House)


"Căsoaia" (Big House) is the name of one of the two caves on the left side of the "Cascade of Snakes". It is unique in the northern region of the country. The surroundings are fantastic, rich in flora and fauna, especially snakes.

 This name was given by the inhabitants of the village many years ago, because there were many snakes in this waterfall. 

The waterfall has three staircases: the first one is smaller, the second one is bigger, and the third one is a bit bigger compared to the other two. On the right and left side of the waterfall, two huge caves open their mouths wide, one of them being "Căsoaia". It's called this because, on entering it, you have to crawl on your belly, after which you find yourself in a very large, square-shaped room. The walls of the cave are black with smoke. The elders say that during the wars, the inhabitants of nearby villages used to hide in these caves. Few have the courage to enter these caves, because fear of darkness and snakes gives you the creeps, and those who have entered have come out dirty with ashes. It is said that the deeper you go into the cave, the harder it is to breathe in because of the lack of oxygen, and the torches gradually dim until they are extinguished.