Canyon Horodiște


The canyon with millenary rocks hides 5 larger caves (with a diameter at the entrance of 2 to 4 meters) and many others in the form of burrows with a diameter of up to 1 meter. 

It should be mentioned that, for a more spectacular hike and for a gradual discovery of the canyon of Horodiște, it is recommended to start from the village of Druță, where it begins. The canyon is situated among the rocks, extremely rich in caves and springs, about 5 km long, probably the longest in the north of the country. 

However, this canyon is "delimited" for the two villages around a sharp bend of the Ciuhur river, and officially, according to cadastral data, the village of Horodiște starts from the point of the stone "Sphinx" which is located about halfway between the Druță- Horodiște gorge.

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